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Focal Bathys Dune - New version with Mimi Sound Personalization

Not only does the new Focal Bathys Dune feature active noise cancellation as before, but this new design variant of the Bluetooth headphones with hi-fi quality is also said to come with the option of personalisation based on Mimi Sound Personalization from Mimi Hearing Technologies.

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  • The new Focal Bathys Dune is to be presented as a new design variant and equipped with Mimi Sound Personalization by means of Mimi Hearing Technologies.

At the launch of the Focal Bathys Bluetooth Noise Reduction Headphone, Focal-JMlab spoke of a solution that perfectly combines the qualities of a hi-fi headphone with the flexibility of a Bluetooth headphone for mobile use. It should be a solution that brings real high-fidelity sound into the everyday life of the user with active noise reduction, a closed construction as well as specially developed drivers and last but not least the latest Bluetooth module.

That was in October 2022, and since then, according to the French company, these headphones have enjoyed great popularity and success. The company does not want to rest on its laurels, however, and is now delivering a new design variant that also offers new functions, namely the possibility of adapting the sound of the Focal Bathys Dune to the user’s hearing.

Focal Bathys Dune – New design variant

First of all, however, the new Focal Bathys Dune shines with its unique design, in the truest sense of the word, offering a particularly appealing contrast to the existing Black Silver finish of the headphones with its luminous surface.

Inspired by minerals from quarries, Greek landscapes and desert sands, the new Dune finish is said to extend to the entire headphones, including the carrying case and even the cables.

A beige colour is combined with silver details for an elegant, soft and harmonious finish and, in the style of the Black Silver version, noble materials are used. For example, magnesium is used for the temple and genuine leather for the headband. As a special accent, an optionally activated, backlit flame is used as a brand symbol in the centre of the ear cup, according to Focal-JMlab.

Mimi Sound Personalisation

The truly outstanding feature of the new Focal Bathys Dune, however, is that it offers the possibility of optimally adapting the playback to the user’s hearing by means of Mimi Sound Personalization from the specialist Mimi Hearing Technologies.

This function is of course directly accessible via the Focal & Naim app for Apple iOS and Google Android and is based on a listening test that must first be completed. Based on this test, Mimi Sound Personalisation adjusts the sound of the headphones through DSP-based signal processing in such a way that an optimal performance is achieved for the user; any weaknesses in the hearing are thus compensated for.

Mimi Sound Personalization also for Focal Bathys Silver Black Edition

It should be noted that this feature is not limited to the new Focal Bathys Dune, of course, but is also available to users who already own the previously available Black Silver version. All that is required is the latest version of the Focal & Naim app.

Prices and availability

The new Focal Bathys Dune is to be available from specialist dealers immediately, with the price remaining unchanged at € 799,-. This is the same price as the Focal Bathys in Silver Black.

Getting to the point

It is an extremely exciting update that Focal-JMlab is now presenting in the form of the new Focal Bathys Dune, whereby it is not so much about the new design variant of these Bluetooth headphones with integrated noise cancellation. Rather, the focus here is on the possibilities offered by the implementation of the so-called Mimi Sound Personalisation by the specialist Mimi Hearing Technologies. This allows the headphones to be perfectly adapted to one’s own needs, not only based on individual taste, but actually to one’s own hearing ability.

Price€ 799,-
DistributionFocal Naim Deutschland GmbH
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