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Firmware update may cause network problems with Denon and Marantz AV receivers

A firmware update that Sound United LLC. recently made available around the HEOS Built-in streaming platform is obviously causing massive problems for some users with Denon and Marantz AV receivers. The company has now commented on this and listed possible solutions to the problems.

Modern networked consumer electronics solutions are becoming increasingly complex. It is almost unavoidable that one or the other error will creep in during development, which will then be corrected by updates. However, things become problematic when such an update itself leads to a product suddenly no longer functioning as it should. It is even worse when suddenly essential functions are no longer available…

This is exactly what has now obviously happened to the consumer electronics company Sound United LLC. The company recently released a firmware update, which was primarily dedicated to the HEOS Built-in streaming platform and thus the new Denon Home Series, but also affected Denon and Marantz A/V receivers that feature HEOS Built-in as a multi-room audio streaming solution.

Users reported that their A/V receivers had a massive problem with the network connection after the firmware update. The AV receivers could no longer be found in the network, meaning that the systems could no longer be integrated into the network.

Now Sound United LLC. has confirmed this problem, although the company is talking about some users who are affected by it, without going into the causes in detail.

However, Sound United LLC. has now published instructions for affected users to solve the network problems of Marantz and Denon AV receivers with HEOS Built-in.

For Denon brand network AV receivers, the corresponding instructions can be found under this link, and for Marantz brand network AV receivers, the instructions can be found under this link. Further information can be found in the support area of Sound United LLC.

Getting to the point

Sound United LLC. has now officially confirmed that the recently offered firmware update around HEOS Built-in may cause AV receivers of the brands Denon and Marantz to no longer integrate into the network. Instructions are now available for affected users to resolve the network problems.

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  1. The last firmware update HEOS Firmware (1.562.281) has made my system useless. The soundbar drops the wifi constantly and the subwoofer will never pair again. It’s crazy!!

  2. I just found out about this problem. My Denon 4400H can’t connect to my network. How do I fix this? pls. I’m in Canada

  3. I have tried EVERYTHING. My wifi network runs perfectly as always. Before the update never had issues. Even with factory resets the SUB will never pair with the HEOS BAR and the bar drops the wifi frequently.

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