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finest audio show Vienna 2023 – Enthusiastic debut in Vienna

The premiere of the finest audio show vienna trade fair could not have gone better, and not only the organiser High End Society Service GmbH itself is convinced of this; the positive reactions from exhibitors and visitors alike clearly confirmed that the event at the Austria Center Vienna in mid-November 2023 was a complete success.

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  • High End Society Service GmbH is celebrating the finest audio show vienna, organised for the first time in Vienna, as nothing less than an enthusiastic debut.

Admittedly, it was a risk, at least to a certain extent, as trade fairs are no longer considered to be the biggest crowd pullers and Vienna in particular was completely new territory for High End Society Service GmbH, but the subsidiary of the High End Society e. V. interest group nevertheless took the risk and initiated a new trade fair event in the Austrian capital with the finest audio show vienna.

And this courage to try something new was rewarded, as we can clearly see in retrospect, and to an extent that even the organisers themselves had not expected. Indeed, one can now even speak of an enthusiastic debut: the first edition of the finest audio show vienna was a great success.

Numerous exhibitors, spacious exhibition rooms

Looking back, it can also be said that High End Society Service GmbH did not rely solely on its decades of experience in organising trade fairs, although this is of course one of the best prerequisites. In the run-up to the trade fair in Vienna, every effort was clearly made to do justice to the local market in the best possible way, to bring local distributors on board as well as those companies that serve the Austrian market from Germany, but also international market participants.

According to the organiser’s credo, the aim was to create something new together in an environment that could not have been better, as it turned out. The Austria Center Vienna proved to be a stroke of luck, although it can be said that its actual potential was far from fully utilised at the premiere. So there is still room for many an exciting idea in the future…

Nevertheless, the conditions were ideal. On more than 3.000 square metres of exhibition space, 66 companies, mainly from Austria and Germany, but also from eight other countries, including manufacturers, distributors and specialist retailers, found space to present solutions and products from a remarkable 280 brands. This resulted in a thoroughly representative mix of the current offerings on the market, clearly depicting the prevailing trends and developments and thus providing visitors with an excellent overview. In short, everything was in place for a successful debut.

Around 4.000 visitors at the Austria Center Vienna

And the offer was very well received by the public, with around 4.000 visitors making their way to the Austria Center Vienna in Donau City over the two days of the finest audio show vienna on 18 and 19 November 2023.

Lively activity was therefore guaranteed on both days, the rooms were always well frequented, while the spacious corridors of the Convention Center and UNO City ensured that visitors could stroll comfortably from room to room and also find a few places to talk shop. An interesting detail: on Saturday, the first visitors arrived at the Austria Centre shortly after 9.00 a.m., well before the official start of the trade fair.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive response to the premiere of the finest audio show vienna. The success proves that there is a need for a new hi-fi trade fair in Austria, both in the industry and among consumers, and that it was time for a new start.”

Stefan Dreischärf, Managing Director of the organiser High End Society Service GmbH

The organiser was particularly pleased to receive a lot of praise from the exhibitors for the careful planning and professional organisation. The exhibitors also welcomed the ideal conditions at the Austria Center Vienna. The building has been extensively renovated in recent years and equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It also boasts an inviting ambience, spacious areas, airy rooms, well-functioning logistics and optimal transport links.

“Many thanks for the successful start in Vienna. Good organisation, great help from the High End Society team, spacious but super location. Interested and also younger audience.”

Fink Team/ EPOS

This statement can serve as an example of the countless positive feedback from exhibitors, with the following words summarising the mood on site in Vienna particularly succinctly:

“Best trade fair, best organisation, best venue, best audience of my career so far.”

Christian Reichardt, Kii Audio GmbH

finest audio show Vienna 2024

It was not least this extremely positive feedback from all exhibitors, the immense number of visitors and the consistently positive feedback from visitors that prompted High End Society Service GmbH to finalise the finest audio show Vienna 2024 immediately after the premiere of the trade fair event in Vienna.

“The finest audio show Vienna was an all-round success for everyone involved. Consistently satisfied exhibitors, an enthusiastic audience and a happy organiser all agree that there will be a continuation of the finest audio show vienna next year.”

High End Society Service GmbH

It is clear that Vienna will once again have a trade fair for high-quality consumer electronics in the form of an event that has the potential to be more than just a local trade fair. The audience was already international this year, with visitors from Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria and some even more distant provinces, as well as countless visitors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and even Italy.

Getting to the point

The finest audio show Vienna was a complete success, that’s for sure. What’s more, such great interest from the industry, which with a few exceptions was actually representative of the entire German-speaking market in Vienna, as well as such positive feedback from exhibitors and visitors alike, who also found their way to the Austria Centre Vienna in far greater numbers than expected, all this shows that High End Society Service GmbH really did everything right. Vienna thus once again has a trade fair event worthy of the world capital of music, which will undoubtedly be a fixture in the international trade fair calendar even after its premiere.

High End Society Service GmbH
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