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final ZE8000 MK2 – second generation 8K sound

It was only in February 2023 that final Inc. presented the final ZE8000 Flagship Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds, and now the second generation of these in-ear headphones is already available in the form of the new final ZE8000 MK2 Flagship Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds.

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  • The final ZE8000 MK2 Flagship Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds are characterised by decisive innovations.

It was February 2023 when Japanese personal audio device specialist final Inc. launched the final ZE8000 Flagship Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds, a very special pair of headphones that would lead the final ZE Series. The headphone specialist spoke of a solution that delivered 8K sound, making an analogy with video to emphasise the special richness of detail that the final ZE8000 could offer.

Now, just a few months later, final Inc. is already announcing the second generation of these in-ear headphones, with the new final ZE8000 MK2 Flagship Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds set to stand out from its predecessor in a number of key features, as final Inc. emphasises.

final ZE8000 MK2 – The evolution of 8K sound

final Inc. says that the new final ZE8000 MK2 stands out from the final ZE8000 with improved audio quality, greater comfort and additional functions, promising an evolution of 8K sound.

This is particularly exciting, as the final ZE8000 was already designed to fulfil particularly high expectations, which is why the final ZE8000 Flagship Truly Wireless Stereo Earbuds and Headphones are unparalleled, as they are designed with a unique design and outstanding technologies with a clear focus on sound quality for an outstanding wireless listening experience.

Improved 8K sound based on Qualcomm Snapdragon Audio

Significant improvements have been made to the new final ZE8000 MK2, both in terms of hardware and software, although one constant remains, namely the so-called final f-CORE for 8K Sound ultra-low distortion driver. This is a dynamic driver with a diameter of 13 mm, which relies on a lightweight aluminium-magnesium dome tweeter framed by a highly flexible silicone surround and is characterised by particularly detailed, clear imaging.

It is driven by a Class A/B amplifier with a special noise suppression system and DSP-based signal processing based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Platform from Qualcomm Inc. and is therefore equipped for a wide range of DSP algorithms via Qualcomm Snapdragon Audio in addition to Bluetooth 5.2 with SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX Adaptive.

The use of an FIR filter for frequency and time domain corrections in combination with a unique integration of multiple digital signal processing techniques enables high-resolution and distortion-free 8K sound in the final ZE8000 MK2. Compared to the previous model, the digital signal processing has been refined to such an extent that the promised 8K sound can also be perceived even more clearly in finer details. A special 8K Sound+ mode can now be activated via the final Connect app for Apple iOS and Google Android, which has also been optimised and stands for the best possible sound quality.

The maximum volume has also been improved and increased by 5 dB, as final Inc. emphasises. In addition, the function for optimising the volume levels in the Final Connect app has been revised in order to be able to adjust the volume even more precisely.

Optimised Active Noise Cancelling that can be deactivated on request

Compared to its predecessor, the new final ZE8000 MK2 achieves 32 per cent more effective sound isolation thanks to a combination of improvements to the internal structure, redesigned Shield Fin ear moulds and a refinement of the active noise cancelling algorithm.

It should be mentioned that the ANC function of the final ZE8000 MK2 not only offers four modes for different requirements, including the so-called Ambient Aware Mode, but ANC can now also be completely deactivated if desired.

Shield Fin ear tips for optimum comfort

We have already mentioned them, the new Shield Fin ear tips of the new final ZE8000 MK2, which are crucial for even better shielding from ambient noise, but should also contribute a great deal to even greater wearing comfort.

These tips are made of silicone and are available in five different sizes – SS, S, M, L and LL. They offer a more comfortable and secure fit.

Further details

It should also be mentioned that the new final ZE8000 MK2 are also equipped with high-quality Knowles MEMS and therefore special microphones from the specialist Knowles Electronics Inc. for the best voice quality for video calls and phone calls, and the in-ear headphones have been designed to be IPX4 resistant to adverse external influences.

Incidentally, the battery life of the final ZE8000 MK2 has not changed compared to its predecessor, with the 54 mAh batteries in the earphones still lasting up to five hours. If you include the transport case with the 420 mAh battery installed here, a total of up to 15 hours is available, whereby just 5 minutes in the case is enough for a further 45 minutes of music playback. Fully charging the earphones takes 1.5 hours and the case around two hours. Charging is via USB-C.

Prices and availability

The new final ZE8000 MK2 will be available immediately in white and black, with the recommended retail price remaining unchanged at € 329,-, as with its predecessor.

Getting to the point

With the final ZE8000 MK2, the Japanese specialist final Inc. has made significant improvements for a completely new user experience. These include new Shield Fin ear tips for improved comfort and increased passive sound isolation, an improved signal-to-noise ratio for better detail reproduction and improved 8K sound, the ability to disable ANC and other noise control settings, and an increase in maximum volume by as much as 5 dB.

Price€ 329,-
Manufacturerfinal Inc.
DistributionAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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