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FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM - One Dynamic, One Balanced Armature Driver and Four Electrostatic Drivers

A combination of all relevant driver technologies is available with the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM, because the developers rely on a Dynamic Driver, a so-called Balanced Armature Driver, as well as four Electrostatic Drivers. You can hardly pack more into an in-ear headphone.

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  • One Dynamic Driver, one Balanced Armature Driver and four Electrostatic Drivers are used in the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM.

With the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM, the Chinese company FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. wants to offer a very special in-ear headphone. The company is already known for its significant development work in the field of personal audio devices and for its solutions that push the limits of what is technically feasible time and again. This can also be seen in the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM, where the developers have opted for a very special concept.

The new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM uses a wide range of driver technologies, but in the end they are essentially all relevant technologies, each with their own individual advantages to contribute to a perfect whole.

Dynamic drivers, BA drivers and electrostatic drivers – FiiO FX15 IEM Tribrid IEM

It’s important to remember that these are in-ear headphones, given the fact that three different driver technologies are used here in the most compact form.

The developers of the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM use a dynamic driver, a so-called BA driver, and four electrostatic drivers.

FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. therefore refers to its latest in-ear headphones as a so-called Tribrid In-ear Monitor and promises that it is a solution on an absolute reference level, that the new FiiO FX15 IEM is a high-end solution that will not disappoint even audiophile music enthusiasts.

The best of three worlds

First of all, the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM uses a dynamic driver, whereby the manufacturer refers to a 10 mm DLC Dynamic Driver, which is supposed to offer a particularly stiff membrane and thus a particularly accurate performance in the bass range.

For the mid-frequency spectrum as well as for the lower treble range, the developers trust in a Knowles ED-29689 Balanced Aramature Driver, which is supposed to distinguish itself by a reproduction of all nuances in the particularly important frequency range.

For the upper frequency spectrum, four electrostatic drivers per earphone are used, specifically the Sonion Electrostatic Driver. According to FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., these are perfectly suited to reproduce every detail with accuracy.

It is emphasised that the reproduction of the Balanced Armature Driver has been adjusted in such a way that a harmonious transition to the four electrostatic drivers is guaranteed, resulting in a perfect sound image through the use of three driver concepts.

It is also interesting that the user is offered the possibility to make a direct comparison between the reproduction with and without electrostatic drivers, for which a small DIP switch can be found on the ear tips. The extended frequency spectrum in the upper range of the electrostatic drivers should be clearly audible.

FiiO S.Turbo Acoustic Design and Sound and Form Harmonic Design

According to the manufacturer, the reproduction in the lowest frequency range as well as the transition between bass and mid-range has also been optimised via a specially shaped channel. The patented FiiO S.Turbo Acoustic Design is used here, which in the case of the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM is responsible for guaranteeing a seamless transition between the dynamic and BA drivers.

By the way, this is made possible by an elaborate 3D printed housing of the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM, which also offers the developers enough room to accommodate all the drivers and still guarantee a perfect ergonomic shape for optimal wearing comfort through a so-called Ergonomic Triangular Design. The housing of the in-ear headphones thus disappears almost completely into the user’s ear cup, so that perfect shielding from ambient noise is also achieved.

For the production of the housings, the company cooperates with HeyGears and uses their DLP-3D printing method, which guarantees a tolerance of up to 0.0375 mm.

In addition, attention has been paid to elegance, after all, the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM should visually show off the high standards that are to be fulfilled through the use of outstanding technical features regarding the sound quality. The manufacturer speaks here of a Sound and Form Harmonic Design as well as a harmonious appearance achieved not least through the various accents.

High-quality cable

Of course, the cable of the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM is also a high quality solution. As the manufacturer points out, it comes with a 224 core 8 strand Sterling Silver Wire Cable. Eight cable strands, each with 224 silver strands, are used here, with one end ending in an MMCX connector for connection to the earpiece, and the other end ending in a 3.5 mm stereo jack for unbalanced signals or a 4.4 mm Pentaconn for balanced signals, as desired. The manufacturer uses in-line twist-lock interchangeable audio plugs, which means that the actual plug can be easily exchanged by means of a thread in the plug shell, which is a patent of Fabrilous.

To the bare figures

According to the manufacturer, the new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM can reproduce a frequency range between 20 Hz and 40 kHz, has an impedance of 24 ohms and a sensitivity of 103 dB.

Scope of delivery – This is what you will find in the package

In addition to the actual ear tips and the cable with interchangeable plugs (3.5 mm stereo jack or 4.4 mm Pentaconn), the scope of delivery also includes a so-called MMCX Quick Release Tool. The package also contains 18 pairs of different eartips, varying in shape, material and size, so that there really should be something to suit everyone’s taste. A cleaning utensil and a transport case round off the scope of delivery.

Prices and availability

The new FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM will probably be available in specialist shops in a few weeks. At the moment, we don’t have a local price for this solution, but you should expect around € 900,-.

Getting to the point

Time and again, the specialist for personal audio devices, the Chinese company FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., delivers products that until now were thought to be impossible to realise. This clearly applies to the latest in-ear headphones, the FiiO FX15 Tribrid IEM. Three different driver concepts are used here: a dynamic driver for the bass, a balanced armature driver for the mid and lower treble frequencies, and no less than four electrostatic drivers for the highest frequency range. The really amazing thing is that this outstanding solution, which the manufacturer describes as a true high-end solution for the highest demands, is offered at a comparatively attractive price.

Priceprobably around € 900,-
ManufacturerFiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.
DistributionNT Global Distribution GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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