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EC Living by Electrocompaniet Series the second generation – Tana SL-2 and Tana L-2

With the EC Living by Electrocompaniet Series, the Norwegian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Electrocompaniet A/S has dedicated itself to the topic of wireless speakers in a remarkable way. Now a new generation is on the horizon, marked by the new Tana SL-2 and Tana L-2.

Back in 2016, the Norwegian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Electrocompaniet A/S came up with a remarkable strategy. The aim was to expand the customer base to include users who can hardly, or in some cases no longer, be addressed with conventional hi-fi systems, but who are nevertheless open to music reproduction at a high level. Users who want modern networked solutions that allow access to a wide range of content, that fit compactly and discreetly into the living room, and that offer style and elegance.

In principle, these are features that characterise high-end hi-fi anyway, but require different concepts. Therefore, Electrocompaniet A/S decided to design a completely new product line, the EC Living Series by Electrocompaniet was born.

The EC Living Series by Electrocompaniet is designed as a true high-end lifestyle. The heart beats as you would expect from a manufacturer like Electrocompaniet A/S: high-quality electronics, high-quality speakers, and the design and manufacturing leave nothing to be desired. What is different, however, is the form factor with which the solutions present themselves, and of course the focus is on intuitive operation solely via app using a smartphone and tablet.

The first solutions presented as part of the EC Living Series by Electrocompaniet were the EC Living Tana SL-1 and the EC Living Tana L-1, one an all-in-one system of the finest quality, the second the associated optional extension to realise a classic stereo system.

Now a new generation of the EC Living Series by Electrocompaniet is on the way, and how could it be otherwise, of course, the new EC Living Tana SL-2 and EC Living Tana L-2 are the first.

The great success that the Norwegians were able to celebrate with the solutions of the EC Living Series by Electrocompaniet naturally serves as a good basis for the latest generation, and this also means that of course absolutely nothing has to be changed in the basic concept.

The new solutions EC Living Tana SL-2 and EC Living Tana L-2 present themselves in the same proven way, so at first glance there are hardly any differences. Both solutions present themselves in the familiar form as extremely compact, very, very elegant solutions, whereby once again the impeccable design immediately catches the eye.

The enclosure is based on an even more stable frame in the new generation, with the speakers installed in the upper area, which are covered on three sides with high-quality textile covering. This textile covering is designed in such a way that it can be replaced at the user’s request. The base and the rear panel are made of aluminium.

The EC Living Tana SL-2 measures 250 mm in height, 180 mm in depth and 180 mm in width and weighs a respectable 7 kg. This also applies to the EC Living Tana L-2.

The real innovations of the second generation compared to the first are to be found inside. Electrocompaniet A/S states that the new second generation is, of course, based directly on the first, but with a new chassis and new software, and thus brings with it expanded functionality and even higher quality.

Both the EC Living Tana SL-2 and the EC Living Tana L-2 are equipped with a new amplifier, namely a Class A/B amplifier module that delivers an output of no less than 150 watts. The signal processing is done by a 32 bit DSP, which allows an always optimal control of the drivers, but also various sound optimisations on the part of the user.

Both systems, the EC Living Tana SL-2 and the EC Living Tana L-2, are designed as two-way systems, whereby an additional passive chassis is now supposed to ensure an even more accurate reproduction in the bass range.

The EC Living Tana SL-2 serves as the basis, whereas the EC Living Tana L-2 functions as an extension to the stereo pair.

Thus, it is clear that the complete “intelligence” around streaming is in the EC Living Tana SL-2, whereby a WiFi module according to IEEE 802.11ac with MIMO serves as the basis for this. However, it is also possible to integrate this solution into the network by means of a classic cable via an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet interface.

As a streaming device, this solution initially functions as a dlna renderer, i.e. it is UPnP certified. In addition, services such as Spotify including Spotify Connect, TIDAL, TIDAL Connect and Qobuz can be accessed as well as Internet Radio. In addition, the new generation supports not only Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay, but also Apple AirPlay 2. But that’s not all, the solution will also be Roon-ready.

Audio data in all relevant formats are supported, starting with MP3, AAC, OggV Vorbis, WMA up to WAV, ALAC and FLAC. The resolution of linear PCM data ranges up to 24 bit and 192 kHz, and DSD including DSD128 is also supported.

Of course, other sources beyond streaming can also be integrated via the network; after all, the latest generation also claims to be able to replace a classic hi-fi system as far as possible.

The new EC Living Tana SL-2 offers both a coaxial and an optical S/PDIF interface, as well as a USB port to be able to use corresponding storage media directly as a source.

All those who want to use smartphones, tablets, portable hi-res audio players or notebooks without a network as a source can do so via Bluetooth.

The Norwegians explicitly emphasise that, just as with the first generation, the new EC Living Tana SL-2 is of course already an extremely powerful active loudspeaker system that delivers impressive sound, but the best results are obtained when it is expanded to a stereo pair with the EC Living Tana L-2. This is, of course, done “wirelessly”, with a 24-bit, 96 kHz signal connection and minimal, therefore imperceptible, latency. And since the EC Living Tana L-2 itself has its own amplifier electronics in Class A/B with 150 watts of power and also a 32-bit DSP, you really do get a system with accurate stereo imaging and even significantly increased sovereignty.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the app for intuitive control of the solutions has been improved again for the latest generation. This app is not only used to control playback, but also for simple set-up.

According to the information currently available, the new solutions EC Living Tana SL-2 and EC Living Tana L-2 should be available towards the end of the first quarter of 2021. The recommended retail price for the EC Living Tana SL-2 should be € 1,699 and for the EC Living Tana L-2 € 1,499. Of course, the Norwegians also offer a matching stand for this solution, namely in the form of the Electrocompaniet BSTx2, which is designed as a pair and costs € 349.

Getting to the point…

The latest generation of the elegant wireless speakers of the EC Living by Electrocompaniet Series, the Tana SL-2 and Tana L-2, will soon be available. Although the basic concept has been retained, the interior has been equipped with new drivers, an even more stable structure, new software and thus new functionality. Considering the outstanding solutions already offered in the first generation, this sounds very promising.

Manufacturer:Electrocompaniet AS
Distribution:MRV Audio
Price:EC Living Tana SL-2 € 1.699,-
EC Living Tana L-2 € 1.499,-
Electrocompaniet BSTx2 € 349,-
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