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Dali OBERON Grand Vokal - New centre speaker of the Dali OBERON Series

In order to fulfil the difficult task of a centre speaker in the best possible way, the new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal has been designed as a powerful two-way system. This means that it can also be used in larger rooms in combination with other solutions from the Dali OBERON Series as an impressive home cinema solution, promises Dali Speaker A/S.

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  • Dali Speaker A/S describes the new Dali OBERON Grand VOKAL as a centre speaker with a particularly impressive performance.

It is a good tradition at Dali A/S that they always pay attention to designing speaker series that are as broadly positioned as possible, so that users can realise systems in the hi-fi as well as home cinema area based on them as flexibly as possible. This of course also applies to the Dali OBERON Series, which has been a firm favourite with the Danes for years and is now being expanded with the new Dali OBERON Grand VOKAL.

The new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal is a particularly powerful centre speaker for use in home cinema, as the name of the latest addition to the Dali OBERON Series suggests.

Dali OBERON Grand Vokal – Designed for the big home cinema

Dali Speaker A/S explicitly emphasises that the new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal was primarily designed as a powerful centre speaker to harmonise perfectly with the large floorstanding speaker systems of the Dali OBERON Series, such as the Dali OBERON 7 or even the Dali OBERON 9.

According to the Danish company, this constellation should also make it possible to use the speakers in more spacious rooms without any problems.

The new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal is designed as a two-way bass reflex system with a 29 mm tweeter in the centre of the baffle. Dali Speaker A/S calls this a deliberately oversized soft dome tweeter in order to guarantee a particularly natural performance over a wide frequency range as well as a harmonious radiation into the room. The tweeter is flanked by two 7 inch woofers, which are designed as mid-woofer drivers and, of course, rely on the membrane made of a mixture of paper and wood fibres, which has been tried and tested for years, thus once again showing the typical red colouring. It should also be mentioned that these are so-called SMC-based drivers, i.e. the drive is based on a magnet system consisting of a very special material. The bass reflex system of the new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal is led out at the back, so the manufacturer recommends a distance from the wall of at least 5 cm up to 50 cm.

It should also be mentioned that this is a speaker system with an impedance of 4 ohms and an efficiency of 91 dB, which is designed for amplifiers with an output of between 25 and 200 watts.

The new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal can reproduce a frequency range between 45 Hz and 26 kHz, with the crossover starting at 2.5 kHz and the bass reflex system designed for 40 Hz.

With dimensions of 201 x 700 x 310 mm, the new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal weighs 12.85 kg.

The Dali OBERON Grand Vokal is available in Black Ash and Dark Walnut finishes and, of course, a matching loudspeaker grille is included in the delivery, which is held in position by magnets.

“The centre speaker is the most important speaker in a home cinema setup, it’s where all the dialogue takes place and it connects the sound to the screen. The Dali OBERON Grand Vokal fits perfectly into a configuration with Dali OBERON 7 or Dali OBERON 9 and creates one of the most coherent and therefore convincing front stages available, it’s just perfect!”

Krestian Pedersen, Head of Product Management at Dali Speaker A/S

Prices and availability

First presented at the High End 2023 in Munich, the new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal is now to be found in specialist shops, as Dali Speaker A/S announces, at the recommended retail price of € 599,-.

Getting to the point

Since its launch, the Dali OBERON Series from Dali Speaker A/S has been regarded as an extremely versatile product line, as it is so broadly positioned that it can be used to create extremely flexible hi-fi and home cinema systems. When it comes to Home Cinema, the new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal is aimed at those users who operate theirs in a spacious room and rely on the Dali OBERON 7 or even Dali OBERON 9 floor-standing speaker systems. In combination with these floorstanding speaker systems, the new Dali OBERON Grand Vokal is supposed to perform at its best and achieve particularly realistic results.

Price€ 599,-
ManufacturerDALI A/S
Distribution Austriasmart audio GmbH
Distribution GermanyDali GmbH
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