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Dali KATCH G2 – Second generation of Bluetooth speaker

The Dali KATCH has already been one of the finest Bluetooth speakers on the market, and now Dali Speaker A/S is presenting the new, second generation. The Dali KATCH G2 is supposed to come up with a series of detail improvements.

Dali KATCH, this was the first Bluetooth speaker from the Danish speaker specialist Dali Speaker A/S. With the Dali KATCH, the company immediately succeeded in creating one of the best systems in its class.

Now the Dali KATCH is to be presented in a new generation, namely in the form of the Dali KATCH G2.

Dali KATCH G2 – Making good even better

The Dali KATCH was a complete success in our test, not only because of its elegant design, but also because of the really fine sound that the developers at Dali Speaker A/S conjured up from a comparatively compact cabinet. The Dali KATCH clearly received the rating “Excellent” in the test.

Five years have passed since the introduction of the Dali KATCH, and one still has the impression of owning a cutting-edge product, as we can report from our own experience. Especially since Dali Speaker A/S has offered various new design variants over the years.

In principle, one would think that there is nothing really relevant that the developers could work on for a successor, but as we know, eager tinkerers always find one or two things to make good things even better. This is also the case with the new Dali KATCH G2.

The virtues of the predecessor

Of course, the basic concept of the Dali KATCH has not been changed, there is really nothing to improve. The sound tuning has not been changed either, because despite its compact dimensions, the Dali KATCH delivers exactly the sound characteristics that you would expect from Dali Speaker A/S.

Well-proven driver line-up

The new Dali KATCH G2 also features the familiar driver line-up consisting of two 90 mm bass-midrange drivers, two passive cones for a superior performance in the lowest frequency range and two 21 mm tweeters, which are designed as soft textile domes.

These drivers are driven by a Class D amplifier module that delivers two times 25 watts of power. This is easily enough to enjoy music in very good quality at any time, even outdoors, although it should be noted that the Dali KATCH has always been designed for fine sound rather than for “sound reinforcement” for a party, and this will probably also apply to the new Dali KATCH G2 based on the technical data.

Bluetooth 5.0 including aptX HD

It is particularly pleasing that Dali Speaker A/S has decided to use a new Bluetooth 5.0 module for the Dali KATCH G2, and that in addition to aptX for signal transmission in “CD quality”, it now also supports aptX HD and thus in principle hi-res audio with at least up to 24 bit and 48 kHz.

Of course, this only applies to source devices that also support aptX or aptX HD, and these are primarily portable hi-res audio players, but also many smartphones and tablets with Google Android.

The world of Apple, however, does not support these codecs, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad are therefore dependent on AAC, although the Dali KATCH G2 also supports this format.

One more thing should be mentioned, Dali Speaker A/S states that the Bluetooth module of the new Dali KATCH G2 is more powerful than that of its predecessor, which should allow for a further improved reception for an always interference-free signal transmission even at somewhat greater distances to the source device.

Pairing with smartphones and tablets is particularly easy, fast and reliable via NFC.

  • Dali KATCH G2 01
  • Dali KATCH G2 07
  • Dali KATCH G2 06
  • Dali KATCH G2 05
  • Dali KATCH G2 04
  • Dali KATCH G2 03
  • Dali KATCH G2 02

Wireless Stereo Pairing

Another exciting feature is that two Dali KATCH G2s can be connected via Bluetooth to form a stereo pair; the manufacturer refers to this as True Wireless Stereo Mode, or TWS for short.

Analogue input is not to be missed

But sources can also be connected via cable, for which a classic analogue input in the form of a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack is available in the tried and tested manner.

Significantly improved battery life

Another significant improvement in the new Dali KATCH G2 concerns the power supply, whereby the Dali KATCH already delivered impressive data in this respect. The Dali KATCH uses a 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 24 hours of playtime. An impressive value that was actually achieved in practice without any problems.

The new Dali KATCH G2 is now even equipped with a 3,300 mAh lithium-ion battery, so that the playing time could be extended to a maximum of 30 hours.

You hardly have to worry about whether the battery of the Dali KATCH G2 will really last for a weekend trip without a suitable power supply unit in your luggage.

Dali KATCH G2 08

Three new attractive colours

Once again, Dali Speaker A/S has opted for attractive colour options for the new Dali KATCH G2, although the company has remained true to itself and refrained from using overly “flashy” colours.

In the tried and tested manner, the focus is on stylish, timelessly elegant colour variations that are not only trendy for one season. Specifically, customers can choose between Chily Blue, Iron Black and Caramel White for the launch of the new Dali KATCH G2.

Proven operating concept

Nothing has changed in the tried and tested operating concept, the new Dali KATCH G2 offers a series of buttons directly on the top that guarantee simple operation.

Of course, the familiar leather carrying strap on the front of the Dali KATCH is not to be missed. After all, it is not only a practical feature for easy transport, but also a chic eye-catcher that adds to the subtle retro touch that the designers are playing with here.

The new Dali KATCH G2 should be available in specialist shops from now on. The recommended retail price is € 399.

Getting to the point

The developers at Dali Speaker A/S set out to make good things even better with the portable Bluetooth speaker from the Danes. The Dali KATCH is now followed by the Dali KATCH G2, the second generation of this solution. The basic concept has not been changed, nor have the features for the characteristically fine sound, but essential details such as signal transmission via Bluetooth 5.1 including aptX HD, as well as a significantly improved battery life. The fact that there are also new colour variants rounds off the overall picture.

Manufacturer:Dali Speaker A/S
Distribution Austria:Audiophil GbR
Distribution Germany:Dali Deutschland GmbH
Price:€ 399,-
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