Dali iO-4 and Dali iO-6 in two new colour variants

Dali Speaker A/S is expanding the selection of Dalli iO Series headphones with new colour variants. From now on, the models Dali iO-4 and Dali iO-6 are also available in Army Green and Chalk White.

Dali Speaker A/S surprised with the market launch of the so-called Dali iO Series. It was by no means unusual for a proven loudspeaker expert to expand its business field to the headphone sector, Dali Speaker A/S was by no means the first to do so, but what was really surprising was that the Danes managed to realise one of the best headphones on the market in the segment of over-ear headphones for use on the move right from the start.

With the models Dali iO-4 and its bigger brother Dali iO-6, two headphones are available, which, in addition to an impeccable workmanship, first-class wearing comfort and intuitive control, come up with an excellent sound. The fact that both Bluetooth headphones have a long battery life, and the Dali iO-6 even has a very effective active noise cancellation, also speaks for the two solutions from Dali Speaker A/S. We have already presented a detailed test of the Dali iO-6 to you, dear readers.

So far, the Danish company has limited the Dali iO Series models to two design variants, namely Iron Black and Caramel White, i.e. black and a combination of light brown and white.

Fortunately, the range has now been expanded to include two design variants, which have been christened Army Green and Chalk White.

  • Dali iO 4 and iO 6 Chalk White and Army Green 01
  • Dali iO 4 and iO 6 Chalk White and Army Green 02
  • Dali iO 4 and iO 6 Chalk White and Army Green 03
  • Dali iO 4 and iO 6 Chalk White and Army Green 04
  • Dali iO 4 and iO 6 Chalk White and Army Green 05
  • Dali iO 4 and iO 6 Chalk White and Army Green 06
  • Dali iO Series Armygreen 01
  • Dali iO Series Armygreen 02
  • Dali iO Series Armygreen 03
  • Dali iO Series Armygreen 04
  • Dali iO Series Chalkwhite 01
  • Dali iO Series Chalkwhite 02
  • Dali iO Series Chalkwhite 03
  • Dali iO Series Chalkwhite 04

Army Green stands for olive green, Chalk White for a discreet white version.

Like the already available versions, the two new ones are also extremely elegant, as the designers have once again succeeded in creating attractive contrasts. For example, the models have a bright red patterned covering on the inside to protect the drivers.

The two new colour variants do not replace the previously available ones, but rather complement them. All four colour variants are available immediately from authorised dealers.

Getting to the point

From now on, the outstanding Bluetooth headphones of the Dali iO Series are no longer only available in two, but rather four design variants. Dali Speaker A/S adds the Army Green and Chalk White versions to the previous Iron Black and Caramel White versions.

Manufacturer:Dali Speaker A/S
Distribution Austria:Audiophil GbR
Distribution Germany:Dali Deutschland GmbH
Price:Dali iO-4 € 299,-
Dali iO-6 € 399,-
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