Cyrus TTP Turntable – High-end record player for the 40th anniversary of Cyrus Audio Ltd.

It is a turntable that lives up to the name of Cyrus Audio Ltd., this is what the English hi-fi manufacturer promises now on the occasion of the announcement that with the new Cyrus TTP Turntable, on the occasion of its 40th birthday, it is bringing a record player onto the market for the first time.

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  • On the occasion of its 40th birthday, Cyrus Audio Ltd. now presents the new Cyrus TTP Turntable and thus the first record player of the English company.

The English company Cyrus Audio Ltd. has been known for finest electronic components for years and can already celebrate its 40th birthday in 2024. On the occasion of this anniversary, the Englishmen are already announcing a very special product, namely the first record player of the company Cyrus Audio Ltd, the new Cyrus TTP Turntable.

Of course, they emphasise that they see the new Cyrus TTP Turntable as a perfect complement to their own electronics, and that it is a solution that does credit to the company Cyrus Audio Ltd.

Cyrus TTP Turntable – A gap that needed to be filled

Cyrus Audio Ltd. admits that until now they have been perceived as a specialist for digital sources, so it may seem unusual to some that they are now launching a record player with the Cyrus TTP Turntable.

For example, the Cyrus Phono Signature phono preamplifier, which was launched a good ten years ago, is cited as an example of how a pragmatic approach is taken and how the company’s philosophy of “building a better music experience” is interpreted in such a way that the question of whether sources are analogue or digital is ultimately irrelevant.

As a further example of the company’s open attitude towards vinyl, Cyrus Audio Ltd. points out that many of its amplifier systems have an integrated phono preamplifier.

The fact that they are now launching a record player on the market is only the last logical step to close a gap in the product range, and the upcoming 40th anniversary is the best opportunity to do so.

“We wanted to offer optimal playback, regardless of the medium, and add a perfect partner to our multi-award winning phono signature. Although not exactly known for turntable design, for the mechanical aspects, we worked with a German manufacturer who is extremely well respected and established in turntable manufacturing, while we pooled our own engineering skills to develop the power supply and motor drive to create one of the best turntables at this price point.”

Nick Clarke, Managing Director, Cyrus Audio Ltd.

Solid aluminium frame

Remarkably, Cyrus Audio Ltd. says that both the turntable and the plinth are CNC machined from a solid block of aluminium, measuring 438 mm in width, 395 mm in depth and 75 mm in height, the new Cyrus TTP Turntable weighs in at 24 kg.

The aluminium platter rotates on a hardened steel axle in an ultra-precise bearing with integrated lubrication, according to the manufacturer, who relies on a belt running on the outside of the platter and a DC synchronous motor with particularly precise digital control for minimum synchronisation fluctuations.

Well-known cartridge from Rega Research Limited

The tonearm is a well-known model from England, specifically a solution from Rega Research Limited, which is said to be a carefully conceived design that significantly reduces the resonance points of the tonearm through its intelligent mass redistribution. This and the almost frictionless horizontal and vertical bearings guarantee that every detail of the record is reproduced, is the promise of Cyrus Audio Ltd.

There is deliberately no pick-up; customers should choose the system that perfectly suits their needs from the wide range of products on the market according to their personal preferences.

Optional upgrade of the power supply

Of course, a suitable power supply is part of the delivery, but Cyrus Audio Ltd. offers the possibility of an optional upgrade. For this purpose, the new Cyrus TTP Turntable is equipped with a PSX-R2 connector in order to use appropriate power supplies from Cyrus Audio Ltd. The Cyrus PSX-R2 Power Supply guarantees an even more stable, extremely interference-free power supply for the motor.

Prices and availability

It is interesting to note that the new Cyrus TTP turntable is expected to be available from specialist dealers shortly. However, this solution will have its price. The manufacturer states that this record player will be available from the end of October 2023 at a recommended retail price of € 4.895,-.

Getting to the point

Cyrus Audio Ltd. describes the decision to bring the new Cyrus TTP Turntable, the first record player on the market, as a gap that is now being filled. The upcoming 40th birthday of the English hi-fi manufacturer is the perfect time to do this, according to the company. The cooperation with a renowned German manufacturer, but also the company’s own expertise, especially in the area of motor control and power supply, are the key factors.

Price€ 4.895,-
ManufacturerCyrus Audio Ltd.
DistributionBellevue Audio GmbH
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