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Cyrus Audio ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier – Firmware-Update

The UK-based hi-fi manufacturer Cyrus Audio Ltd. is offering a new firmware update for one of its most versatile stereo integrated amplifiers, the Cyrus Audio ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier, a solution that features an integrated streaming client based on Google Chromecast.

When Cyrus Audio Ltd. introduced the Cyrus ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier back in autumn 2019, the English company called it a smart music amplified solution, i.e. a system that knows how to combine traditional hi-fi with modern streaming possibilities. The Cyrus ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier is the third model in the Cyrus ONE Series, which was founded with the Cyrus ONE Integrated Amplifier and also features the Cyrus ONE HD Integrated Amplifier.

The Cyrus ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier is the top model in the Cyrus ONE Series, and is a stereo integrated amplifier designed as a particularly elegant, very compact solution that is nevertheless intended to meet even the highest demands in terms of sound quality, and is also designed for use in the environment of state-of-the-art networked solutions. This makes it a flexible central interface for a HiFi system that has been reduced to the essentials.

In addition to analogue inputs, this solution also has digital interfaces, including HDMI with ARC (Audio Return Channel), so that a TV set can be connected directly. In addition, mobile devices can be connected via Bluetooth and integration into the network is also planned. As a basis for music streaming, the English rely on the technology platform from Google Inc, i.e. Google Chromecast. This opens up direct access to countless music streaming services and apps, whereby signals with up to 24 bit and 96 kHz are supported.

A firmware update is available now for the Cyrus ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier, which should include some bug fixes. It is firmware v4.1, and this update is not limited to the streaming functionality, as one might think, but also brings improvements to the HDMI interface. Problems with new Samsung TV sets and also with the so-called Sky Q Box of the pay TV provider of the same name have occurred, which should now be a thing of the past. But of course, the company is also improving the streaming performance of the compact amplifier with the latest Google libraries in order to optimise the connection with various streaming providers and apps, especially when it comes to content with 24 bit and 48 kHz or 24 bit and 96 kHz.

The English company explicitly points out that this is a so-called over-the-air update, which means that it is carried out automatically as long as the Cyrus Audio ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier is connected to the network. You can check at any time whether you have already installed the latest version. This is done via the ‘Reset to factory settings’ option on the remote control. But be careful, you should not really do this, i.e. do not press the OK button. If you accidentally or intentionally perform a complete reset to factory settings, the Cyrus ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier automatically installs the latest firmware, but you must then reconnect to the network and set up any services again.

Getting to the point…

With Firmware v4.1, an update is available for the compact stereo integrated amplifier Cyrus Audio ONE Cast Integrated Amplifier, which corrects several errors. First and foremost, the developers have addressed a few problems with the HDMI interface and have also equipped this solution with the latest libraries for Google Chromecast.

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