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The new Clearaudio Concept Signature comes with a number of significant innovations, which, as the name suggests, was developed based on the extremely successful Clearaudio Concept from 2009 and, according to Clearaudio electronic GmbH, is intended to continue its success story.

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  • Based on the Clearaudio Concept, the best has been made even better, promises Clearaudio electronic GmbH on the occasion of the presentation of the new Clearaudio Concept Signature.

It has always been the intention to strive for perfection, according to Clearaudio electronic GmbH on the occasion of the announcement of the latest record player, the new Clearaudio Concept Signature. This is particularly interesting in the case of the Clearaudio Concept Signature, as it is based on the Clearaudio Concept and, like the latter, is primarily intended to appeal to beginners.

This is especially true for beginners who are looking for a perfectly coordinated complete package, a solution at a level of quality that leaves hardly anything to be desired.

Based on the Clearaudio Concept

As just mentioned, the pursuit of perfection is firmly anchored in the DNA of Clearaudio electronic GmbH, and the development of the Clearaudio Concept was naturally also guided by this when it was launched on the market in 2009.

It proved to be a huge success, with over 20,000 units sold since then, according to the Erlangen-based company. The company now wants to build on this success with the new Clearaudio Concept Signature, with a number of very significant innovations.

Designed as a perfectly balanced entry-level package

The basic concept has therefore not changed at all, and the new Clearaudio Concept Signature should also prove to be a perfectly coordinated overall package ideal for beginners, whereby, interestingly, one does not only speak of an excellent price-performance ratio, but rather of an undisputed price, design and performance ratio.

The Clearaudio Concept Signature comes with a matching tonearm, the Clearaudio Concept Tonearm, but also with a matching cartridge system, first and foremost the Clearaudio Concept MM Cartridge.

In this context, Clearaudio electronic GmbH emphasizes that this is a package that is designed to be practical and user-friendly, as all the parameters of the individual components are already perfectly set at the factory.

Robust, elegant chassis

The basis of the Clearaudio Concept Signature is a chassis with a resonance-optimized construction, whereby the drive unit body is made of medium-density wood fibre or high-pressure compressed solid wood layers, depending on the design variant. The top plate is always made of satin-finished plastic and the base plate is made of medium-density wood fibers. The turntable rests on height-adjustable feet.

Solid turntable

The platter of the new Clearaudio Concept Signature is 30 mm thick and made of plastic, with POM in a subtle black. The sub-platter is CNC-machined from aluminum.

The bearing relies on a bronze bush with Teflon mirror, in which a polished and hardened steel axle rotates with particularly low friction and therefore extremely smooth running.

IMS light and TSC

The turntable is driven by a flat belt and a smooth-running 12 V DC motor with TSC, the Tacho Speed Control, to guarantee a constant speed. IMS light in turn describes a particularly innovative motor suspension that is designed to decouple vibrations and resonances from the chassis particularly effectively.

The power supply is provided by an external, generously dimensioned, highly stable power supply unit.

Intuitive operation of the new Clearaudio Concept Signature is guaranteed by its illuminated touch control, which also provides an attractive contrast in terms of design.

Clearaudio concept tonearm and Clearaudio concept MM cartridge

A Clearaudio concept tonearm is fitted ex works in the standard version and a Clearaudio concept MM cartridge is mounted on this in turn. However, it should also be mentioned in this context that the manufacturer explicitly states that this turntable can in principle be fitted with a wide variety of tonearms and cartridge systems from Clearaudio electronic GmbH, thus offering the user a wide range of configurations.

This also applies to the power supply, as solutions such as Clearaudio Professional Power 12V or Clearaudio smart power 12V are available as optional upgrades.

Clearaudio electronic GmbH also recommends a suitable phono preamplifier, such as a Clearaudio nano phono V2 or Clearaudio smart phono V2.

According to the manufacturer, a suitable record clamp such as the Clearaudio Concept clamp and the specially designed acrylic cover are also recommended.

Prices and availability

The new Clearaudio Concept Signature is already available from specialist retailers in the versions Black-Silver, Black, Black-Wood and Black-Dark Wood. All versions come with a Clearaudio Concept tonearm and a Clearaudio Concept MM cartridge installed ex works. Depending on the version, the prices are € 2.500,- or € 2.750,-.

Getting to the point

Clearaudio Concept Signature is an extremely exciting offer for all those who want a perfectly coordinated overall package for first-class record playback, promises the German specialist for record players Clearaudio electronic GmbH, which presents the Clearaudio Concept Signature, the latest generation of an extremely successful concept, which was first presented in 2009 with the Clearaudio Concept.

PriceClearaudio Concept Signature Black/Silver € 2.500,-
Clearaudio Concept Signature Black/Black € 2.500.-
Clearaudio Concept Signature Black/Wood € 2.750,-
Clearaudio Concept Signature Black/Dark Wood € 2.750,-
ManufacturerClearaudio electronic GmbH
DistributionClearaudio electronic GmbH
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