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Bentley Batur by Mulliner Coupe drives with high-end audio from Naim Audio Ltd. and Focal-JMlab

It is the latest result of the long-standing partnership Naim for Bentley and thus the collaboration between the English high-end HiFi forge Naim Audio Ltd. and the British car manufacturer Bentley Motors Ltd. which is now to provide outstanding sound in the new Bentley Batur by Mulliner Coupe.

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  • Sound of the very highest quality is to be provided in the Bentley Batur by Mulliner Coupe by the Naim for Mulliner designed by Naim Audio Ltd and Focal-JMlab.

It is the most powerful vehicle ever built by the prestigious British car manufacturer Bentley Motors Ltd., as Naim Audio Ltd. describes the vehicle, which of course once again features an audio system from the British high-end hi-fi company, in collaboration with its French partner Focal-JMlab. The car in question is the new Bentley Batur by Mulliner Coupe, the latest result of a long-standing partnership that has culminated in the new Naim for Mulliner.

Mulliner is the division of Bentley Motors Ltd. that is responsible for the development and production of particularly exclusive vehicles, whether in the form of limited editions or even bespoke one-offs.

Naim for Bentley – A partnership since 2008

Naim Audio Ltd has been working exclusively with Bentley Motors Ltd for many, many years, and it is clear that this has been an extremely profitable partnership for both long-established British brands. It is obvious that this partnership is now being extended to the particularly exclusive vehicles of the English company, especially as Naim Audio Ltd. under the umbrella of the Vervent Audio Group has a perfectly fitting partner for loudspeaker systems and a wealth of experience in the automotive sector at its side in Focal-JMlab.

Bentley Batur by Mulliner Coupe with unique sound – Naim for Mullinar

It should come as no surprise that Naim Audio Ltd. is now talking about an audio system for the new Bentley Batur by Mulliner Coupe that, based on the latest electronics from the English company and technologies from the Focal Utopia Series, offers the very highest quality. After all, the vehicle itself is already delivering new superlatives in terms of performance data.

As already mentioned, it is the most powerful vehicle of the prestigious British car manufacturer to date, with its twin-turbo W12 engine delivering a remarkable 740 hp.

Such an exceptional car deserves nothing less than an exceptional sound system, says Naim Audio Ltd, who have drawn on 50 years of experience in audio innovation to create an unprecedented hi-fi system, Naim for Mulliner.

Naim’s engineers developed this bespoke system with the help of the sound experts at Focal-JMlab, the French sister brand of Naim Audio Ltd. The speaker drivers have inherited the sound signature of the Focal Utopia Series, which the manufacturer claims is a world-leading solution.

The entire system produces a stunning, intoxicating, warm and powerful sound that lives up to the quality of this magnificent sports car, is the Englishman’s promise.

A vehicle packed with loudspeaker drivers

No fewer than 20 speakers are found inside the vehicle, comprising six tweeters, nine midrange drivers, two woofers and two active bass transducers and a subwoofer. All the midrange and tweeter drivers have been redesigned specifically for the Naim for Mulliner Audio system, according to the manufacturer, and the de woofers and subwoofer have been modified accordingly to improve linearity and dynamics.

The new speakers are based on the Focal Grand Utopia and feature patented M-diaphragms in both the midrange and treble. The exclusive, one-piece M-profile is said to be high-strength and offers a perfect combination of the three crucial criteria for a loudspeaker driver, namely stiffness, lowest weight and optimal damping.

This guarantees an extremely linear frequency response with low distortion and optimal sound dispersion.

Various modes are available to optimise the sound experience, adapting the DSP-based signal processing according to the seating position and listening preferences. Automatic adjustment to the driving speed is also offered.

All settings are made via a 12.3-inch HD touchscreen display, with Spotify, Apple Music, TOIDAL and Deezer as the main sources in addition to your own content via USB or smartphone.

For 18 customers alone…

It wouldn’t be an exclusive Mulllinar vehicle if it wasn’t manufactured in a strictly limited number of units. Thus, only 18 customers will be able to enjoy the new Naim by Mullinar, as only so few vehicles will be made of the new Bentley Batur by Mulliner.

Getting to the point

The traditional brands Naim Audio Ltd. and Bentley Motors Ltd. have been working together for many years, and the Naim for Bentley audio system can be found in various vehicles of the British luxury car brand. Even more exclusive, however, is the audio system that is now found as Naim for Mullinar in the Bentley Batur by Mulliner, because more than 18 customers worldwide will not be able to enjoy this audio system, which Naim Audio Ltd. developed together with its French sister company Focal-JMlab based on their Focal Utopia Series.

Bentley Motors Ltd.
ManufacturerNaim Audio Ltd.
Distribution AustriaNaim Audio Ltd.
Distribution GermanyHorn Distribution S.A.
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