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Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition

If you want to get your hands on the extremely elegant Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition, you have to be quick, because there will be no more than 15 of this solution, which was designed to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Bassocontinuo Audio Systems.

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  • No more than 15 units are to be produced of the Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition, which is being offered to mark the 15th anniversary of the Bassocontinuo Audio Systems company.

Italian specialist Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. has come up with a very special design variant of a Bassocontinuo Aeroline hi-fi rack to mark the company’s 15th anniversary: the new Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition. The fact that the Italians will not produce more than 15 of this special rack ensures that this is a particularly exclusive model.

So if you are interested in this very special design variant, you should get your hands on it as soon as possible, because one thing is certain: with the Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition, Bassocontinuo Audio Systems is delivering a real gem.

15 years – the success of a very special philosophy

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems is a very special company, let’s be clear about that. It was founded 15 years ago, in 2008, in Bergamo. Once again, the initial spark is to be found in the fact that an inventor set out to develop something for himself that he did not find on the market.

In this case, the inventor is Lorenzo Belloli, founder of the company, who was not satisfied with the hi-fi racks available on the market. A hi-fi rack had to fit perfectly into the living environment like a noble piece of furniture. In addition, and this is a crucial point from the Italian point of view, a hi-fi rack must also fulfil its very own function, the optimal placement of a hi-fi chain, where influences that damage the sound are eliminated as far as possible.

And it is precisely here that the company wants to distinguish itself from the competition, first and foremost by describing its own products solely on the basis of facts that can be verified at any time, and not solely on the basis of marketing promises, whereby the company works together with independent partners, first and foremost the Politecnico di Milano, where all tests are carried out.

A strategy that clearly ensures the success of Bassocontinuo Audio Systems, so that the company from Bergamo, headed by Lorenzo Belloli and his sister Paola Belloli, can now look back on 15 very successful years, and celebrate this with the Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition.

HiFi rack of the Bassocontinuo Aeroline

Form follows function, this is the idea behind the Bassocontinuo Aeroline product series, which was designed by architect Marco Acerbis. Clear and harmonious lines are to be perfectly combined here with high-tech materials such as carbon fibre or materials such as porcelain stoneware and satin-finished steel.

Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition

The Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition is a little different, although this special rack was also developed by Marco Acerbis. Instead of relying on carbon fibre for the connecting elements on each level of the rack, Kevlar is used here, which has a dark finish instead of black. The columns of the rack are also made of stainless steel, but coated in matt black. The individual levels of the rack are wrapped in the finest leather, which is elaborately handcrafted.

Prices and availability

As already described several times, the special Bassocontinuo Aeroline rack, the Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition, will only be available in an edition of 15. We do not yet have a price.

Getting to the point

The solutions of the Italian company Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. are already something really extraordinary, something very special, even in their regular series production. This is not only due to their scientific approach to development, but also to their elegant appearance with exquisite materials. Designing a product to celebrate a milestone anniversary is no easy task, but with the new Bassocontinuo AEROLINE F2 15th Anniversary Edition, this has undoubtedly been achieved and a worthy hi-fi rack is ready to celebrate its 15th birthday. However, in a very small edition of no more than 15 units.

ManufacturerBassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. 
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Reference GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandAndres Audio Video Vertrieb
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