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B-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk new sales partner for Miller & Kreisel

Miller & Kreisel has appointed B-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk as its exclusive distribution partner for Germany and Austria. The Hamburg-based company can thus expand its sales segment with an immensely broad range of loudspeaker systems.

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  • B-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk is now the new sales partner for Miller & Kreisel in Germany and Austria.

The solutions from renowned loudspeaker specialist Miller & Kreisel will now be managed by B-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk, both in Germany and Austria. This was announced by the Hamburg-based distributor in a press release. The Danish manufacturer has appointed them as its exclusive distribution partner, as they describe it.

The acquisition of Miller & Kreisel’s comprehensive loudspeaker portfolio will strengthen B-1’s position in the areas of professional and private high-class audio solutions in Germany and Austria, the company is convinced.

Miller & Kreisel – specialist for outstanding loudspeaker systems

Miller & Kreisel, or rather the company M&K Sound A/S, which ultimately stands behind this brand, has been recognised for years as a proven loudspeaker specialist, whereby the company sees itself as a provider that offers solutions for professional use as well as for the designated consumer segment, the latter product area should even benefit directly from the commitment to Pro Audio.

The aim is always to reproduce music and film sound as accurately as possible, so that the boundaries between professional and consumer applications ultimately become blurred.

With the solutions from M&K Sound, the Danes serve the home cinema sector first and foremost and are therefore also increasingly focussing on immersive surround sound and, as already indicated, can point to a very broad product portfolio.

B-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk as exclusive distribution partner

Together with B-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk as exclusive sales partner for Germany and Austria, the Danish loudspeaker specialist wants to break new ground, as the company itself explains.

Marco Bialk will act as the regional contact for all questions relating to M&K Sound A/S solutions, while order processing and dispatch will take place directly from the company headquarters in Copenhagen.

“We have chosen this new approach for the future and will support both the German and Austrian markets directly from our headquarters in Denmark. This will give dealers, integrators and end customers a considerable advantage in terms of support. With Marco Bialk from B-1, we have gained an experienced partner who will be the point of contact for Germany and Austria.”

Per Becher, CEO of M&K Sound A/S

This special constellation should bring immediate benefits: Prices can be made more attractive for the benefit of the customer and currently even be adjusted downwards, according to the promise of the two companies on the occasion of their newly concluded partnership.

“Our exclusive agreement with Miller & Kreisel will help us to further strengthen our tradition of providing high-class audio solutions to studio professionals, corporate and private customers. Through our expertise and focus on Miller & Kreisel, we look forward to expanding the market for M&K Sound A/S’ high-quality, high-performance loudspeaker portfolio in Germany and Austria. High-quality subwoofers, home cinema, home entertainment and immersive audio are the topics where Miller & Kreisel with its unique expertise from the studio world is perfect for the home and installation sector.”

Marco Bialk, CEO of B-1

Getting to the point

The Danish loudspeaker specialist M&K Sound A/S and the Hamburg-based company B-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk describe the now officially announced collaboration as a partnership to break new ground. B-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk is now the Danes’ exclusive sales partner for Germany and Austria, making it the local point of contact for specialist retailers, system integrators and end customers, while orders and deliveries are handled directly by M&K Sound A/S headquarters in Copenhagen. This enables the company to offer a very tightly organised sales structure, with the resulting lower costs being passed on directly to customers.

DistributionB-1 Inspired by Marco Bialk
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