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Audirvāna Remote App 5.0 – All functions of the desktop app

The Audirvāna Remote App for Apple iOS and Google Android is used to conveniently control the Audirvāna Studio software remotely. This app already offered numerous options, but with the latest update to Audirvāna Remote App 5.0, all functions are now available via the app.

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  • It is a major update that is now available for the Audirvāna Remote App as Audirvāna Remote App 5.0, according to the French software company Audirvāna SAS.

The Audirvāna Remote App is a convenient way to control the Audirvāna Studio software via a smartphone or tablet with Apple iOS or Google Android. The latest version of this app can now be downloaded as Audirvāna Remote App 5.0, which, according to the French software developer Audirvāna SAS, is a major update with, above all, a significant extension.

It is now possible to control all the functions provided by the Audirvāna Studio software directly via the Audirvāna Remote App, as Audirvāna SAS proudly states in the corresponding release notes.

Audirvāna Remote App – Flexible control via smartphones and tablets

Audirvāna Studio is a highly successful piece of software for Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows that is used to manage audio data and, in particular, to play it back as flawlessly as possible, including hi-res audio in a wide variety of formats and using special algorithms and APIs that completely bypass those of the operating system.

With the Audirvāna Remote App, Audirvāna SAS offers an optional control software for Audirvāna Studio on the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, i.e. on smartphones and tablets alike, which can be used intuitively.

This is particularly important because many hi-fi enthusiasts use the Audirvāna Studio software on a PC or Mac, which is an essential part of their hi-fi chain when integrated via a high-quality D/A converter. The Audirvāna Remote app then serves as a central control unit.

Audirvāna Remote App 5.0 – All Audirvāna Studio functions at your fingertips

This is exactly where the new update comes in, because with the latest version of the app, all Audirvāna Studio functions can now be controlled directly via the app, including all available audio settings and the Audio Scan function.

“Every setting you have on the desktop app is now part of the remote control app…”

Audirvāna SAS

Prices and availability

The Audirvāna Remote App 5.0 is offered free of charge to customers who choose Audirvāna Studio, including the latest version, which is now available in the Apple App Store and Google PLAY Store.

Getting to the point

The so-called Audirvāna Remote App is an extremely exciting extension for the Audirvāna Studio software, especially with the latest update Audirvāna Remote App 5.0, because according to Audirvāna SAS, all the functions that the desktop app for Apple macOS or Microsoft Windows provides are now actually also available via the app on the smartphone or tablet.

PriceAudirvāna Studio 2 with monthly payment € 6,98 per month
Audirvāna Studio 2 subscription with annual payment € 69,98 per year
Audirvāna Origin 2 € 119,99
Audirvāna Remote App 5.0 free of charge
ManufacturerAudirvana SAS
DistributionAudirvana SAS
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