Audio-Technica Sound Burger is set to return in 2023

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Audio-Technica Ltd. presented the Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 in a limited edition, which was designed as a reminiscence of the Audio-Technica Sound Burger portable record player. Now it is certain: due to the great interest, Audio-Technica Ltd. will have the Sound Burger return in spring 2023.

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  • The response to the limited edition Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 portable record player has been enthusiastic and the Audio-Technica Sound Burger will be relaunched.

It was a solution that marked the 60th anniversary of Audio-Technica Ltd., the Audio-Technica AT-SB2022, which the company wanted to be understood as a reincarnation of the so-called Audio-Technica Sound Burger and thus one of the most legendary portable record players. In November 2022, it was announced as a limited edition, and the response obviously exceeded all the manufacturer’s expectations. Therefore, Audio-Technica Ltd. has decided to resurrect the Audio-Technica Sound Burger as a regular model to be launched in spring 2023.

Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 sold out within days

Audio-Technica Ltd. has announced that the limited edition Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 sold out within a few days. The company said in a statement that it could never have imagined the overwhelming response this release would generate.

Audio-Technica Sound Burger returns

So now, some four decades after its original launch, the Audio-Technica Sound Burger is to be resurrected, and in spring 2023, we revealed.

“The response to the limited edition 60th Anniversary model of the Sound Burger portable turntable has been nothing short of extraordinary. We clearly heard the frustration of those who wanted to buy one of these turntables but were unable to do so. The new model, which will be launched in the spring, will not have the numbered badge, colour and packaging of the 60th anniversary limited edition version, but it will be available to a wider audience. We hope Sound Burger fans will be just as excited about this new model and that it will inspire the next generation of analogue enthusiasts.”

Gary Boss, Director of Marketing, Audio-Technica Ltd.

The Audio-Technica Sound Burger relies on a belt drive and allows for 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speeds. To achieve both mobility and stability, the tonearm has a dynamic balancing system in which the contact force is built up via a spring. In addition, a precise DC motor ensures stable rotation. In addition to the possibility of connecting the unit to an audio system via cinch, the portable record player also offers Bluetooth.

The accessories include a single adapter, a cinch to 3.5 mm jack cable and a USB cable for charging (USB Type-A / USB Type-C). The pick-up needle of the Audio-Technica Sound Burger can be replaced by the Audio-Technica ATN3600L.

Prices and availability

The manufacturer has not yet revealed any details as to when exactly the new Audio-Technica Sound Burger will come onto the market and at what price. In any case, the limited edition model was offered at a price of € 229,-.

Getting to the point

Well, vintage is very much in vogue, as can be seen in many areas, and also in the world of hi-fi. Many manufacturers, for example, are very successful with solutions that directly refer to the “good old days”, such as Audio-Technica Ltd., who presented the Audio-Technica AT-SB2022 Limited Edition on the occasion of their 60th anniversary. The interest in this portable record player was so great that they have now decided to launch a regular model of the Audio-Technica Sound Burger in spring 2023.

Priceprobably € 229,-
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