audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo

audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo are the new hi-fi racks from the Italian hi-fi manufacturer audel. Company founder Walter Carzan personally designed these systems, which combine precision craftsmanship with flexibility and outstanding design.

audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo, with which the Sicilian-based company audel is now expanding its range. These are solutions that should perfectly live up to the manufacturer’s motto, as they advertise with “The elegance of Made in Italy” and thus skilfully play with classic clichés, although they have so far always proven to actually fulfil the high expectations they arouse.

In 2008, Walter Carzan founded the audel brand, a company dedicated to the development of outstanding loudspeaker systems. It is interesting to note that Walter Carzan is actually an architect, which means that outstanding design always plays an essential role in his products.

Outstanding design is in audel’s DNA

All the more so because audel’s latest products are hi-fi racks, solutions for which the skill of an architect is definitely an advantage.

Walter Carzan himself designed the new hi-fi racks, which, as already mentioned, have been christened audel u-rack and are available in two design lines, audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo.

Corto stands for “short”, which ultimately refers to the classic dimensions of a conventional hi-fi rack, whereas Lungo was naturally chosen for “long” and thus designates a hi-fi rack with a particularly generous width.

Complex design

Both the audel u-rack Corto and the audel u-rack Lungo present themselves with a remarkable simplicity, although in the end a complex construction is used.

Everything has been designed in such a way that the user can put together the optimum solution for him or her, so it is a modular concept that is applied here. Floor by floor, the user can assemble his rack system on the basis of the audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo models and also expand it in the future.

Birchwood multiplex as a basis

Both models are based on birchwood multiplex, both for the base material and for the shelves. The racks are handcrafted, of course with the aid of modern CNC milling machines.

In the case of the audel u-rack Corto model, the carrier floor has a thickness of 24 mm, with an additional 10 mm thick insulation platform in various real wood veneers with four absorbers, so that with the 5 mm thick Santoprene absorbers, the total thickness per floor is around 40 mm.

The audel u-rack Lungo model has support shelves with a thickness of 30 mm, so that with the insulation platform and the absorbers, the total thickness per shelf is around 45 mm.

Triple decoupling with audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo

audel emphasises that the design of the two rack versions just outlined means that each individual floor is ultimately triple decoupled. The first decoupling is provided by the isolation platform used, which, as described, rests on special 5 mm thick Santoprene dampers. As a special feature, the viscosity of these dampers can be adjusted by means of an adjusting screw. This is located under the embedded logo of the manufacturer.

The second decoupling is achieved by 15 mm stainless steel spikes, which in turn rest on Santroprene Teflon dampers, which the manufacturer calls audel Takkos, and which represent the third decoupling.

Elegant in appearance, robust in load-bearing capacity

Each shelf of the audel u-rack Corto model weighs 10 kg, despite its elegant, even graceful appearance. The load capacity is given as an impressive 70 kg. These key data are even more impressive for the audel u-rack Lungo model, where a 22 kg shelf also carries up to 70 kg, despite the significantly larger “wingspan”.

Three available real wood veneers

The two rack systems audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo are each offered in three design variants.

The customer can choose between birch multiplex, canaletto walnut and ebony. It should be emphasised that the surface treatment is exclusively beeswax. No lacquers are used.

If you want to put together a rack of the models audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo, you start with the base, on which you can then configure your personal rack level by level according to your needs.

Special designs possible at any time – direct shipment to the customer

Apart from the fact that customers can put together their rack individually, floor by floor, even with the standard components, the manufacturer from Sicily naturally also offers completely individual custom-made products.

Due to the complex manufacturing and logistics processes, the audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo models are solutions that are handled directly by the manufacturer or the local distributor CMI Distribution Europe.

After CMI Distribution Europe has designed the individual rack with the customer, audel manufactures its system “just in time” and delivers it directly to the customer in Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Depending on the rack, the transport costs should be between € 100 and € 180, whereby only the cost price for the forwarding agent is charged. The delivery time should be between three and four weeks.

The prices for the audel u-rack Corto version in Canaletto walnut and ebony are € 690 per shelf, the birch version is only € 590 per shelf.

For the audel u-rack Lungo, you have to reckon with € 1,090 per shelf for the Canaletto walnut version, the birch version is again slightly cheaper at € 990 per shelf.

Getting to the point

The fact that Walter Carzan is the architect behind the audel company from Sicily is already clear from the outstanding designs of its loudspeaker systems. This is even more evident in the solutions that the company is now presenting with the audel u-rack Corto and audel u-rack Lungo rack systems. Here, outstanding design meets first-class workmanship as an extremely solid foundation for every hi-fi system.

So the only question that remains is: Corto o lungo – Cosa sarà?

Distribution:CMI Distribution Europe
Price:audel u-rack Corto Canaletto walnut and ebony per tier € 690,-.
audel u-rack Corto birch per shelf € 590,-
audel u-rack Lungo Canaletto walnut and ebony per tier € 1.090,-
audel u-rack Lungo birch per tier € 990,-
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