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Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy: Piega Master Line Source 2 Gen2 in Mccreedyblue - Conor Mccreedy and Piega SA at Art Basel

A work of art in which a high-end hi-fi loudspeaker system becomes a canvas, this is what Piega SA and Conor Mccreedy are presenting together at Art Basel as part of an exhibition in the NetJets Lounge.

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  • A Piega Master Line Source 2 Gen2 is the basis for Conor Mccreedy's latest work of art, which he is presenting together with Piega SA in the form of the Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project at Art Basel.

The Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project should prove to be a unique combination of art and technology, in which the high-end Piega Master Line Source 2 Gen2 hi-fi loudspeaker system from Piega SA was used by South African artist Conor Mccreedyn as the basis for his latest project. This work of art will be presented in the NetJets Lounge as part of Art Basel.

The Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project is to be understood as part of Conor Mccreedy’s Alter Ego Wildlife series, the Piega Master Line Source 2 Gen2 thus presents itself as a work of art dominated by Mccreedyblue and inspired, according to the artist, by climate change.

Piega Master Line Source 2 Gen2 – A luxury loudspeaker becomes a work of art

The Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project is, in principle, one of many such projects, because using luxury objects as part of their art has long been considered a traditional approach by many artists, not least because it attracts the corresponding attention, that can be admitted without hesitation.

But the cooperation between Piega SA and the South African artist Conor Mccreedy is supposed to be a little different. The Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project is not to be understood as a critical examination of the object or its deconstruction; rather, the luxury loudspeaker of the Swiss company represents the basis for Conor Mccreedy’s art.

Here, the loudspeaker system itself becomes a canvas, a three-dimensional canvas, art and technology are to merge in a unique way, art is to be expressed in all its facets and thus an extraordinary harmony is to be created.

An object that embodies the seamless integration of art and audio technology

The Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project was preceded by a long creative process, according to the two protagonists. The conceptual artist Conor Mccreedy and the manufacture Piega SA wanted to create together a union of art and object that retains its actual functionality: To reproduce music at the highest level.

The emotion, energy and positive power with which it can influence people’s lives are retained in the artwork. Only the surface, the white matt lacquer of the sculpture, became the canvas and the projection surface of his art by Conor Mccreedy.

The first visual impression is dominated by the luminous, almost electrifying Mccreedyblue, in Piega SA’s estimation, which was applied layer by layer to create an illusion of seamless colour transition. The running drops of colour are another characteristic element that blur the transition between natural phenomenon and conscious process of painting for the viewer.

Climate change as inspiration

The visual representation of climate change as melting ice caps was the initial inspiration for artist Conor Mccreedy. The thick paint creates the illusion of dripping meltwater on the matt lacquered speakers. This should result in a particularly haunting work of art that transcends the boundaries of painting, sculpture and utilitarian object and subliminally, without a raised forefinger, connects the fragility of our planet with the beauty of art and music, according to the artist’s description.

Great sound technology, great craftsmanship

Technically, the unique piece created by Conor Mccreedy does not differ from the series product, the Piega Master Line Source 2 Gen2. Once again, the Swiss manufacturer of high-end loudspeaker systems relies on technologies that have been tried and tested for years and have been meticulously refined. These technologies serve as the basis for a special feature, namely the reproduction of music at the very highest level, even in rooms that are not actually suitable for this purpose.

A so-called line source concentrates the sound waves on the listener’s ears and brings clarity as well as spatiality to the music as never before experienced, according to the description by Piega SA. Incidentally, the production of the sound transducers themselves can already be described as high art, especially if you look at the drivers that have long been characteristic of Piega SA, which are handmade and rely on a sound foil weighing only 7 milligrams at their core, and which are manufactured in a special process.

On view in the NetJets Lounge at Art Basel

As already mentioned, the Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project will first be on view in the NetJets Lounge at Art Basel, starting on 12 June 2023 for trade visitors and invited guests, then from 15 to 18 June 2023 for the general public.

But that’s not all: after Art Basel, the Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project will be on show at the Mccreedy Studio in Zurich by appointment.

Those who are enthusiastic about the loudspeaker system should budget a good € 100.000,- per pair.

Getting to the point

A loudspeaker system that is not only a work of art in itself, but also serves as the basis for another work of art – this is probably the best way to describe the Piega ✕ Conor Mccreedy project. Here, a Piega Master Line Source 2 Gen2 from Piega SA serves as a three-dimensional canvas for the South African artist Conor Mccreedy, making him a unique specimen. This system can be experienced for the first time these days at Art Basel.

Price€ 100.000,-
ManufacturerPiega SA
DistributionPiega SA
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