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Mytek EMPIRE Monoblock – Immense Power

As an optimal extension of the Mytek EMPIRE Streamer DAC, the new Mytek EMPIRE Monoblock is to be available in June 2021 as a further solution of the new Mytek EMPIRE Line. Pure power and highest signal fidelity are the focus here.

Mytek EMPIRE Monoblock is the name of the second product to be made available within the new Mytek EMPIRE line. It is the perfect complement to the device that founded this product line, namely the Mytek EMPIRE Streamer DAC.

Even with the Mytek EMPIRE Streamer DAC, the New York-based company Mytek Digital said that it offered an outstanding solution in every respect, a solution in which the developers were given a completely free hand and perfection was the only primary goal.

Mytek EMPIRE Monoblock as playing partner for Mytek EMPIRE Streamer DAC
The result is a highly versatile solution that takes on a number of tasks at once, even acting as the central interface of a high-end multi-room audio streaming system. As the flagship of the new Mytek EMPIRE line, the Mytek EMPIRE Streamer DAC serves – nomen es omen – as a D/A converter, as a preamplifier, as a streaming system, and even as a data provider, because at its heart it is Powered by RoonOS and thus available as a Roon Core. All this is to be offered on a quality level that offers sound in perfection without any limitations.

Of course, it is obvious that such a solution should be accompanied by the right playing partner, or rather a perfect playing partner. This is the task assigned to the new Mytek EMPIRE monoblock.

Highest performance and signal fidelity

Mytek Digital has not yet revealed too many details, but they are enough to give an idea of where the journey is heading. Sheer power is the focus here, as is the highest signal fidelity, according to the company’s promises.

What is astonishing is that it is obviously a comparatively slim, in any case quite elegant solution, even if so far only renderings and not even product pictures are available.

The dimensions that can be found in the data sheet are the most attention-grabbing, because the new Mytek EMPIRE Monobock is supposed to measure no more than 432 mm in width, 225 mm in depth and 50 mm in height. With a massive cabinet and an interior that is built accordingly for a monoblock of this performance class, the amplifier weighs in at 15 kg.

An essential factor for this weight is, of course, the heart of the power supply, a generously dimensioned low-noise toroidal transformer.

GanFET Technology as the Basis

The focus here, however, is on a circuit based on GanFET technology. The manufacturer refers to this as a completely newly developed Mytek GanFET Power Module, whereby the power output stage relies on the latest generation of ultra-fast gallium nitrate transistors.

The GanFET technology is supposed to ensure that distortions caused by transistor circuits are reduced many times over, so that a very smooth negative feedback and a triode-like behaviour of the transfer characteristic of the output stage is made possible. According to the manufacturer, this results in a sound with silky highs and balanced mids as well as an accurate three-dimensional sound stage of highest detail similar to a tube circuit, at the same time highest control and dynamics like a powerful transistor power amplifier.

1,000 watts of power

On a more sober note, the new Mytek EMPIRE monoblock delivers no less than 1,000 watts of power to speaker systems with an impedance of 4 ohms. If the speaker systems have an impedance of 8 ohms, there is still a whopping 500 watts available. Considering that it is a monoblock, which, as is well known, at least occur in pairs…

The new Mytek EMPIRE monoblock has both Cinch and XLR interfaces, so it can be driven unbalanced as well as balanced. The same applies to the outputs, so that signals can be looped through to other amplifiers.

The device is of course presented in the same elegant, somewhat futuristic design as the Mytek EMPIRE Streamer DAC and, like the latter, the new Mytek EMPIRE Monoblock is available in either silver or black.

According to the information currently available, the new Mytek EMPIRE monoblock will probably be available in specialist shops in June or July 2021. It is certain that you will have to budget € 9,995.95 for it.

Getting to the point

What would a preamplifier be without a matching power amplifier? So it is only logical that the US high-end hi-fi manufacturer Mytek HiFi now announces the new Mytek EMPIRE Monoblock to match its outstanding Mytek EMPIRE Streamer DAC. Based on Mytek GanFET Power Modules, this unit offers pure performance, but paired with the highest fidelity, as the company from New York promises.

Manufacturer: Mytek Digital
Distribution: cma audio GmbH
Price: € 9.995,95
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